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3d Hologram Mesh Screen, Holo Gauze

Email BLAKK to order:

*Please make sure to include the lenght, height in meters and colour!
*Also, your full shipping address to help calculate your shipping costs!

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Holographic Gauze Screen for Hologram screen is set as the front of stage, it is acted as the active scene. More transparent than the traditional sense of the curtain. The image can be suspended in the air to produce hazy magical hologram effects.

It is the new material for creating holograms easier and cheaper than the traditional hologram for pepper ghost. And it is easy to install and disassemble

Hologram Gauze Screen is the perfect solution for live events. It makes presentations behind the near-invisible gauze while informative and entertaining holographic effects appear in front and around them.


*  High-quality holographic image
*  See through
*  Big size
*  Easy to install & remove
*  Can be folded in small size
*  Reusable
*  Customized size

Available colours:

Black, white and gray.


All size of Stages, exhibition hall, exhibitions, museum, wedding scene, performance, multimedia theater and so-on.