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In order to satisfy the different customer demands we offer the following selection of accessories.
VR Headset: HTC VIVE, HTC VIVE Pro, PSVR package (includes dedicated converters.), Oculus, Pimax; Bracket: Line bracket, Base station bracket.
Control Center: Basic control center, Standard control center, Premium control center.
You can also contact us for service to get more information on the different packages available.

Training Simulations
-VR Gaming
-VR Substation Maintenance Training
-VR Firefighting Maintenance Training
-VR Traffic Conduct Training
-VR Railway Training

KAT also offers a complete SDK to all developers, their SDK fully supports Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4. Technical support is also available to all developers who are integrating their games or other industrial application. Any questions, please contact

A companion software for KAT Walk mini
Downloads Available
KAT I/O Consumer EditionVersion 2.0.0
KAT I/O Consumer EditionVersion 2.0.0

Suported headsets
-All other major VR headsets

Supported Games
-All VR game with free locomotion

-New contactless sensor technology
-Accurat footing location tracking
-Independent head and body tracking
-No set-up
-No charging
-No Matching
-No maintanence
-Shock absorbing base plate

-Anyone ranging from 140cm-to-195cm
-Max weight on pad -130kg
-Product wieght 85kg
-Deminsions= LxWxH =1500mmx1500mmx1580mm

KAT Walk- MINIKAT’s newest product Non-Restrictive Omni-Directional VR treadmill. KAT Walk mini literally breaks the wall between VR and the actual reality!!

Small and Lightweight Design

  • -Much smaller, lighter.
    -occupies less space than all of its predecessors.
  • 6 DOF  
    -ensures safe VR experience under 6 DOF(Degree of Freedom) system. With infinite possible actions, imagination becomes the only limitation.
  • Safety & Adaptability 
    -equipped with an intelligent protection system, that automatically determines direction of human movement.
  • Full Compatibility 
    -compatible with all free locomotion games including Steam’s biggest titles, such as Fallout 4 VR, Doom VFR or Skyrim VR.