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KAT WALK-VR OTD (Omni Directional VR Treadmill)

Training Simulations
KAT Walk mini can be used as a hardware platform for training simulations such as:
-VR safety drills,
-VR Medical Training
-VR Gaming
-VR Substation Maintenance Training
-VR Firefighting Maintenance Training
-VR Traffic Conduct Training
-VR Railway Training

KAT also offers a complete SDK to all developers, their SDK fully supports Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4. Technical support is also available to all developers who are integrating their games or other industrial application. Any questions, please contact

Suported headsets
-All other major VR headsetsSupported Games
-All VR game with free locomotion

Both the KAT WALK and the KAT WALK Premium offer essentially the same immersive VR experience and both of them have the same base technology. The KAT WALK Premium is sturdier than the standard KAT WALK and has a strong protective shell for the support pillar, while the standard KAT WALK is lighter and easier to transport. Although both products are meant to be used commercially, the standard KAT WALK is also directed towards consumers. Both devices have the same content available and a are covered by the same warranty and terms of use.

-New contactless sensor technology
-Accurat footing location tracking
-Independent head and body tracking
-No set-up
-No charging
-No Matching
-No maintanence
-Shock absorbing base plate

- provides "Free Range of Motion"
-The design can support walking, jumping, sitting, squatting and other natural          body movements.
-The exclusive combination of the sensors with a clever algorithm make possible      an almost zero motion tracking delay giving a realistic walking effect.

Product Specifications
KAT WALK Leading VR OTD (Omni Directional VR Treadmill)
-Walk through infinite virtual worlds with minimal physical space requirements.
-Inrestrictive design and wireless sensors lets players run, walk, crouch and jump     in VR.
-Heightened immersion with less motion sickness and compitable with all major       PC headsets
Weight-191 kg (421lbs)
Height-280cm (9’2″)
Area-2.06 square meter
Age limit-9-55
Weight limit≤ 100 kg (200 lbs)
Height limit-150-190cm (4’11” – 6’3″)
InterfaceUSB 2.0/USB 3.0