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The SOUND HEROES AD'OM Premium is like having a superhero serenading you at your request!! Did I mention it also smokes!! Like having a SUPERHERO BAR...AT HOME!!! Omg, imagine the envy when your friends get to your place and you have an AWSOME SUPERHERO SMOKING BLUETOOTH SPEAKER SYSTEM!!!  The AD'OM Premium's slick futuristic look aids and enhances any home or office setting with its crisp design and impeccable sound quality. It is that Amazing!! AD'OM is guaranteed to give the avid gamer, blue-collar professional or a tech junkie of any kind, an exhilarating sound experience!! Brings unparalleled style and function!  Gives an unfathomable audio and visual experience! AD'OM Premium has a UNIQUE POLYGONAL DESIGN Carved into a stunning humanoid figure!
It FEATURES 28 INCHES OF POWERFUL SOUND!!! WIRELESS CHARGING DOCK, Wi-Fi, RANGE EXTENDER, MULTI COLOUR LED LAMPAAAAAAND YES… A BUILT IN SMOKE MACHINE.-Premium Weight 12.1 lb (5.5 kg)- 28.3 in (72 cm) tall- Pumps out up to 60 W.- The Premium is the only model with the wireless charger and Wi-Fi range extender along with a built in subwoofer. Wireless Phone Charging:
**Available for AD'OM Premium Only **Wirelessly charge your phone while listening to your favorite songs!
This new age speaker sound is delivered in three dimensions so you can immerse yourself and enjoy.THIS SPEAKER IS INSANE!!!THIS SPEAKER IS ON ANOTHER LEVEL!!AMBIENT MULTICOLOUR LIGHT
:**(the APP is still in beta testing stage and is regularly updated)
**AD’OM uses light in ways that were only ever imagined before. It illuminates your home with over 16 million colors for your desired ambient atmosphere.Delivery Time After Payment Received:
~ Mystic Black delivery within 10 business days .~ Stylish Silver delivery within 15 - 25 business days.~ Mystic Blue delivery within 15 - 25 business days .COLOURS